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but still it was magic.
His skin was so tender, and his movements were smooth and unhurried.
It was evident that the new game completely captured him.

He did not take his eyes off his penis, even leaned over and almost leaned over his face to see better.
He liked to hold it in his hands, he was interested, he wanted to continue.
however, like his ebaru.
I prayed to myself to the higher forces that it would never end.
The Arab was ready to explode and the son felt this moment, bent down and literally planted his mouth on the penis.
At the same second a powerful orgasm shook the Arab, he was arched by an arc, and so much accumulated sperm flew out of the neg, that it was physically impossible to swallow it, and part of it splashed out of the mouth of Dima Arab on the stomach.
It has become unimportant where we are, what is with us and what is happening around.
reflexively, the Arab grabbed the boy and pulled him to himself in such a way that he buried his face in the puddles of sperm on his stomach.
Not paying attention to anything, he frantically smeared his face with a seed on his skin.
And next to me, looking wide-eyed at all this, I finished – his father.
I watched, listened and went crazy.
In my eyes, another man teaches my son to suck dick.
Dimka leaned over, again took his dick with his hand, opened his mouth and tried to shove a prick.
As I suspected, its size did not at all coincide with the size of an Arab.
penis in diameter was much larger than he could hold.
But he didn’t care.
I watched as a young child learns oral sex without stopping.
I felt on top of bliss.
finally my wildest dreams come true.
The boy tried as best he could.
Gradually, he began to get something.
He began to move his fingers along the man’s member, and with each movement he plunged deeper and deeper into himself.
An electric current ran through the muscles, the Arab was shaking from lust, I struggled to refrain from grabbing his head and plant him from all over.

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Finally, the head completely disappeared into his mouth.
Soft heat enveloped my dick.
The baby handle was moving faster and faster, and the baby sucked almost instantly.
his eyes were closed and he was completely immersed in the process.
I stroked my son on the back.
My face was very close to the face of my son, my eyes were staring fixedly, as someone else’s cock entered his mouth.
he fucked my son.
and it incredibly excited me.
I lay down comfortably and brought my face close to the scene of the action.
Lips whispered: “Come on, my good, come on, do not stop, go on, suck, baby, how I like to see it, oh my God, what a bastard I am, I enjoy watching my child suck.
oh god how good.
go on baby.
Her hands constantly roamed, never stopping anywhere for long.
then I stroked the Arab with his hairy point, then caressed my son, then I grabbed myself by the balls or started to rub my face violently.
I no longer had the strength to follow all this, because I felt like a wave of orgasm raises me higher and higher.
a little bit more and she will throw me off, spin me, take me away from reality.
I began to move in time with the Arab and my son.
Now the Arab really fucked him in the mouth.
In the last seconds, he made several vibrations in full force.
The member plunged into the baby’s mouth almost completely, but a moment before the sperm splashed out of him, he pulled it out and sent a jet into his open, puffy lips.
I watched the man fuck my baby.
I just whispered.
Oh yeah.
Do whatever you want.
whatever you want.
want it – fuck it right now.
rape him, fuck it.
I want to see.
you are welcome.
“Sperm flew a long stream into the boy’s mouth, he swallowed reflexively as much as he could, but clearly could not cope with the volumes.
It flowed down his face, from the corners of his mouth, bubbled on his lips, and I finished everything, threw everything into the boy’s jet after stream.
I stared at this sight, afraid to miss even a grain.
I screamed with pleasure, the Arab held me by the hair, forcing me to look at how he ended up in my son’s mouth.
He shouted to me: “Look, bitch, look without stopping, scum.
i just fucked your son’s mouth, see? As you like? Do you like fucking ?.
Look, look at that.
this is just the beginning.
This is only the first day.
very soon i fuck him in the ass.
and you yourself will enter my dick where necessary.
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got out on the heating main.
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