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The girl stops, then continues again.
To the stick a few centimeters – to get it, you have to pierce yourself with this member.
Olga embraces fear and despair! How much is she already standing here and trying to free herself? Long.

There is no salvation yet, she knows that there is no one to come here.
And the very way, only with the risk of mutilated themselves with a metal member and the lack of a guarantee of salvation, you can reach the stick.

And then the thought comes to the girl’s head: what if you try to fall? Near the bed is, if you fall in that direction, but it will fall on her breast.
Olya turns (probably for the hundredth time) on the phallus.
Trying to lean forward, but the stand is wide, so she will have to swing.
The girl moves forward, a member hurts her.
Then back, and now the front wall of the vagina hurts.
Again forward.
And so many times, back, back, back.
Everything below hurts, but the stand is already swaying slightly to the beat of a young body.
Olya is easy, so she has to make great efforts.

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She literally fights on this cola from side to side, tormenting her hole with a rough phallus! At the same time she has to get up on the socks and drop down every time again at a very fast pace.
Her hole is burning! Finally, when she was almost exhausted, she fell on the bed.
Only now she feels the weight of the construction that held her for so long.
Kol as if trying to pierce her, crushes from the inside.
Olya slowly crawls forward with her last strength, until the phallus leaves her.
Exhausted, turns over on his back and so lies.
Her hole remains open, lubricant flows from it.
But the girl doesn’t care, she just wants to rest.

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