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Irina Vladimirovna, without any embarrassment, but without passion began to consider the male member, trembling and completely ignoring the feelings of the owner.
Well, well, not bad! – Irina Vladimirovna adjusted her glasses.
Valera thought that with the same expression on her face she was reviewing some report on the work done.

Then the woman leaned slightly and took up a hard member.
From caress Valera started and groaned.
A glance over graceful glasses rose boredly: Do you have a problem? No, – his throat was dry, and Valera’s voice was hoarse and quiet.
I hope, Valery, can you hold out long enough? Not.
I do not know.
Irina Vladimirovna shrugged: Well, well, check your abilities.
When you want to finish, tell me.
– And the woman, bending down, absorbed the purple head into her mouth.
Valera shrank and closed his eyes when his member found himself in a captivity of soft lips.
The orgasm was close, but for the time being it could still be contained.
Meanwhile, Irina Vladimirovna began to efficiently suck off.
Her neat hairstyle was moving up and down over her groin, and her hard mouth was put on her penis over and over again.
Finally, the woman stopped tormenting Valeria and straightened up.
Your erection is impressive, hold on for a while.
Finished recently? She could have asked “have you finished the courses recently?”, The intonation would not have changed.
Valera began to mumble something, feeling like a naughty boy.
Only instead of the ball that fell into the window, he now had a reinforced concrete member, exposed in front of the indifferent look of the boss. Watch latest sex movies online.

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