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The week seemed like an eternity.
But she did not pass for me for nothing.
The smell that tormented me so much in the early days was dulled.

Rather, I’m used to it.
Even my food I could easily absorb, surrounded by crap.
Nausea has passed.
Yes, and every kind of disgust, too.
You know hunger is not my aunt.
When they came for me, I was no longer a man.
And they stopped treating me like that.
Even the slaves of the Lady looked at me with undisguised contempt.
The second stage of training did not suggest more loneliness.
On the contrary, I was chained, in the toilet for the servants, to the battery.
And I saw all the inhabitants of the house, except my Lady.
They were few.
The older girl with short red hair was Gerda.
I know if this was her real name.
But all the slaves addressed her the only way.
She led the whole house.
And in the absence of the hostess was always the main one.
Her character was the worst, she tormented me the most.
By the way, the second stage of training was to kill the last remnants of self-esteem in me. Www indian live sex video.

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