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Nonetheless she persisted.
“Evan, I thought we were friends.
” “You did, did you? Well not the kind of friends you clearly want to be with Cole.
He’s in a relationship, Felicity, and he’s intending to be faithful. Need release.
You shouldn’t go messing with that.
” Her anger flared again.
“Don’t get all high and mighty with me, you sleazy bastard.
That photo was private.
It’s mine.
” “It’ll be a whole lot of people’s, if you’re not real careful.

Nude in shower in risky business.
” She gasped in her outrage, but found she had nothing remotely effective to say in voicing it.
Instead she found herself appealing once more to his better angels, while doubting if they existed.
“Evan, don’t do this. Ripping tights.
I’m begging you.
” “That I’d like to see.
In fact I intend to, close up.
I’m at 128 Acacia Lane, and I’m alone all night.

Get here now, as soon as I end this call.
” “What the fuck for?” “Negotiations.
” “Neg…” “You heard me. Hogan knows best brooke39s dating game.
And get here fast.
I already know the first person I’ll send that picture to, if you don’t play ball.
” “But I don’t have a car.
My parents …” “Then call a cab.

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