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It was time to take Felicity Fox down another peg.
“You heard me,” he said.
“Get down on all fours now – and crawl to me.
” How the fuck did I let this happen? Felicity made sure that her grimace was at odds with the submissive posture she adopted. Free videos of lesbaians pussy fucking.
Evan-fucking-Prentiss had groped her tits and felt up her naked ass and now this? Her breasts were still thrusting out of the pitifully inadequate bikini he had provided her and now she was kneeling on his parents’ thick-pile carpet, stalking pace by galling pace towards him.

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Had she not been manipulated into the arrangement, she realised with a renewed flash of resentment, she might have been enjoying the game – even with a prick like Prentiss.
But to be subjected to the whims of his filthy adolescent mind for the sake of a nude photograph … She made sure her approach was slow, disguising it as sensuality rather than stalling for time.

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But the straw of hope she’d had been clinging to since sending her desperate message was proving vain.
Her ploy had failed.