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I raised my head in a meager attempt to catch one but only managed to suck one nipple into my mouth for a few seconds.
“Oh fuck!” I repeated as she continued this abuse of my organ.
“Oh God I’m gonna cum!” she said out loud as her pace quickened and her thrusts shortened. Is chelsie hightower dating romeo.
“Fuck! Shit! Fuck!” She came hard.
Very hard.
I could feel her juices flowing down my cock, right onto my sack, then down the crack of my ass.
She continued in very long, slow thrusts a few more times, then sat upright, still with my cock in her snatch and began rubbing her clit. The big lick long rifles.
Just a few circles around her love button with her fingers before commanding me again, “Get behind me.
” She rolled off of me and got up on her knees, facing away.
I turned over, raised up, and prepared to penetrate her from behind.

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I grabbed my still-hard cock and was astonished at how lubricated she had left it.
A fleeting thought passed through me of how easy it would be to slide my slippery penis all the way into her beautiful asshole, which was now pointed directly toward my face, open wide, as if begging me to explore her tightest of orifices. Panty backshots.
Remembering that we hadn’t done anal in more than a decade, I continued on the approved plan.
Using my left hand on the top of her ass to steady her, my right handed guided my willing prick between her glistening pubic hairs toward her fire-red pussy. Lady_secret men video chat.
I paused for a moment to stick one finger just an inch or two deep and then to admire one of my favorite sights of my life: Monica’s absolutely gorgeous love nest expanded wide after a good fuck and dripping with her own juices.

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“Please let me taste you, sweetheart,” I begged.
“I want to lick your juices out of our cunt.
Please let me! You know how much I like that.
” “No.
Tonight,” she said.
“Just fuck me now!” I let out a quiet sigh and felt fortunate that she probably didn’t see or hear it, facing the other way. Cum4girls777 free mobile naked chat lines.
I sucked the few juices off of my finger that I managed to extract from her, then quickly grabbed my cock again and rested the head at the opening of her pulsating twat.
I was about to ease it into her, but her patience had apparently run out and she pushed back against me. Dating an eton boy.
Like before, the entire 8 inches went in very smoothly.
I grabbed her hips with both hands and pushed her off, pulling nearly completely out of her.
I gently thrust back into her, this time pulling her ass into my stomach as hard as I could.

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“Oh yes, like that!” Monica never talked much during sex before, so this was a brand new experience for me.
And I freakin’ loved it! It felt like the best fucking we’d ever had, and I didn’t want it to end. Ginger hairy pussy galleries.
She turned to lie her head down flat to the right as she moved her left hand back and started rubbing her clit so quickly, it was nothing like I’d ever seen from her.
I continued pounding all the way into her, pulling her ass back into me with each thrust. Alinusha canada wechat webcam sex videosx.
I noticed her asshole seemed to open wide with each penetration, as if it were trying to suck something in.
I was transfixed on her gorgeous hole as I got into a steady, yet forceful, rhythm.

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