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He kissed the back of her neck gently, soothing her, calming her and after several moments when her breathing had slowed to nearly normal he pushed his face close to her ear.
The words he spoke in a hoarse whisper made her stomach clench with fear and she felt his cock, nestled in the crease of her ass, begin to twitch and swell with renewed vigour.
“Now,” he breathed heavily.
“There’s something more I want.

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And I think you know what it is – don’t you? And I think you want it too – don’t you?” “Oh God no, please.
” He made no reply but rolled off her and from somewhere produced a small tube of lubricant, which he dripped along the length of his semi-hard cock and worked in with his fist, keeping his blazing eyes locked on hers. Cum in ass round ass.
She bit her lower lip as fear and desire again battled for control of her tormented mind.

This time when he grabbed her hips he pulled her back till her knees were on the floor and only her torso lay on the bed. Massage vu.
She waited in dread.
and in wanton anticipation.
She felt his well-lubed fingers first – teasing her pussy lips, entering and withdrawing making her moan with renewed excitement.

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