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Owen held fast.
He was holding my head and pushing it in and out.
He was breathing so hard I thought maybe an orgasm was coming.
Maybe? Nope.
Nearly choking on his cock, I pulled away and coughed out saliva, a lot of it dripping from my mouth to his cock and onto the sofa. Black naked women having oral sex.
He held my head again and guided me back in.
Wanting to give my throat a rest, I stayed on the surface, licking the shaft and the tip.

I thought maybe I’d get him to cum faster if I grabbed his balls.
Just as I was about to do so, Drake was pulling me away. Asian thailand shemales.
He stood there holding a handful of my hair and pointing to his cock.
I had to be more upright on my knees to get to his, a plump thing with a shiny head.
“Suck,” he said simply.
I opened my mouth and moved forward but he held my hair in place, cock right outside my mouth.

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If he’d just let me do it…! But he held me there until I looked up at him.
“Suck good,” he added before letting my hair go.
Thanks for clarifying, asshole, I thought as I took it into my mouth.
The younger man was now behind me, touching me with a gentleness. Milf wives galleries winners hottest wives girlfriends in golf.