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Again the spot lights were roaming the club, looking for us married women.
Stopping on each of us long enough to be identified and escorted to the dance floor by the other female dancers.
“Ok Ladies, its amature night here at Club DownLow, and somebody thought enough of you to bring you here. Kirillmirkin webcam chat trans.
So get ready to strutt yo stuff, get down and get nasty”.
“Remember ladies its $1000.
00 for the nastiest married woman”.
George had brought me here to strip, was this a joke? Fuck it I thought.
For a $1000.
00. Denise masino home video-car humping female bodybuilder.
Im sure I can get very nasty as we were already half naked and drinking.
I heard the DJ announce, “Ok you hot fucking married ladies; its time to get Nasty.
Guys come on down and encourage them on “.
Placed onto the stage at the same time, we proceded to strip off our slinky outfits.

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In moments, we were there totally naked and dancing procavatively with the crowd rooting us on “Ok, ladies now that your naked, its time to get nasty” he announced laughingly.
I was game, so I began to dance while groping my titties and tongue lashing them a bit for the crowd. Tug job hand clothed.
That started the other women to do erotic things aswell, being encouraged by the DJ and the growing stageside crowd with money in their hands Another beautiful black girl, swayed herself in my direction, taking over kissing my titties while a second one grabbed me from behind grinding her crotch into my asscheeks. Hot latina dirty fuck.
Dollar bills were flying into the air, as we were getting into each other.

Noticing this, the crowd began chanting at us to do multiple things to each other, as I located the pretty blackasian girl who had ridden my face earlier. Jamaican boys live cams.
I nastily danced against her thin body, kissing every inch of her lucious body on the way down, while she guided my head.
I didnt need her help as my tongue was darting in and out her damp pussy while somebody was nibbling mine from the back. Submissive corseted wives bdsm.
Ah damn, I was about to cum as ther tight pussy ejaculated juices all over my face, when suddenly the music stopped and the lights turned off.
Moments seemed like minutes as we continued to get freaky with each other on the stage. Briana banks foot fetish.
The center stage lights were beaming on us dimly, as we looked around at each other wondering what was next.
Our names were called out in some sort of order, but I didnt understand what it meant as we were paired into three groups of two.

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The lights went back out and the music cranked up again in the darkness.
There was some shuffling going on, but I really couldnt make out the images of who was approaching us.
The DJ’s voice rang out cross the speakers loudly saying ” Ladies, remember your at Club DownLow, and whatever happens here stays here.
” Each of you were asked here by a club member, so Ladies are you ready?’ We all responded “hell yes, lets get it on” “Good, then Ladies please go to center stage, and line up side by side, facing the crowd”. Masterbationchat.
Eagerly we did so in anticipation of what was to happen next as we were all sexually charged at this point.
“Good Ladies, now drop down onto your hands and knees” as the music started playing “Watcha think guys are they ready?” the DJ hollared into the microphine, as we looked at the each other on all fours, and then seductively at the raving crowd.
“Oh Hell yea, its downlow time” the crowd chanted.
“Ladies are ya gonna keep it on the downlow” the DJ barked out? Who is kaley cuoco dating in real life.