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I let Kyle out of my mouth after a few moments but Rachel kept deepthroating my step-son with ease. Sara canning porn hub.
I looked at her and gave her a light slap on her ass.
I stroked Kyle’s dick and felt Rachel’s hand go behind me to rub my pussy.
I moaned into Kyle’s dick before taking him back into my mouth.
They had never experienced a blowjob, so we knew that it wouldn’t be long until we tasted their cum. Jazz08 xxx videos cam.
My step-son was groaning as he was about to cum, so I sucked Kyle harder and faster to match Rachel’s intensity.
“Mmmmm,” Rachel moaned as my step-son shot his cum into her mouth.

Her fingers reached my engorged clit and that encouraged me to deepthroat Kyle. Live websexcam.
She let my step-son’s dick out of her mouth and came closer to me.
She grabbed a fistful of hair and pulled my mouth from Kyle’s rock-hard dick.
She kissed me and my eyes widened when she snowballed my step-son’s cum into my mouth. Shaved african twiks.
“Swallow it,” she whispered into my ear while she rubbed my clit.
I swallowed my step-son’s cum and she didn’t even give me time to take a breath before pushing my head back down to work.
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She knew exactly how to make me cum and this wasn’t the first time she had done this to me while I gave a blowjob.

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A few moments later, I felt Kyle’s dick erupt into my mouth and that pushed me over the edge to my own orgasm.
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His cum tasted different than my step-son’s but it was still a delicious treat for my work.
I kissed Rachel and this time it was me snowballing the cum into her mouth.
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We got on top of them to ride them cowgirl style and take their virginity.
My step-son penetrated Rachel’s hot pussy while his best friend penetrated me.
We ground our hips and I saw my step-son quickly reach around Rachel to get two handfuls of her round ass.

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She smiled at me and I grabbed Kyle’s hands to guide them to my ass.
We both moaned at the pleasure of riding these young boys and having their hands eagerly caress our asses.
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That went on for a few minutes before Rachel got off my step-son and turned around into the 69 position.
I followed her lead and did the same with Kyle.
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They could surely feel our hotness and smell our wetness.
Kyle stuck out his tongue and licked all over my pussy, but Rachel’s soft moan let me know that my step-son had found her clit right away.