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But every time I tried, it quickly went back to the old image of us rolling around in the sand, and the passion I felt burning in me.
Twenty minutes later, I was getting worried.
My cock was starting to hurt, and the bell would ring in less than fifteen minutes, and as soon as I left the room, I would be faced with every guys dilemma. Devilsexlatina chat cam solo virtuel.
I tried to hide my discomfort, when I felt my cell vibrate in my pocket again.

Unfortunately, the feeling didn’t help my situation in the slightest.
Pulling it out, before I could even read the text, I felt something brushing against my pants. Teen gone wild clips.
Looking down, I saw a hand.
Skin of alabaster and so soft, nails bitten down short, slowly creeping up from my knee to where the bulge in my pants pulsed slightly with the increasing beats of my heart.

Then I glanced at my phone, to see the text that I had just received.
“Need help?” Alisson. Likes peeing picture.
I nearly came in my pants then.
At that moment, her hand touched my cock through the jeans material.
I could almost feel the heat of her hand as she tried to wrap her hand around my pole, jeans and all.