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“This morning, while you were away.
I don’t know.
It may be that.
Andy thought it might be, but he said, so what? It can’t be undone.
I wish it could.
” Candy looked for a second, searching Marsha’s face instead of gazing at the floor searching her memories. University of western ontario mature.
“Now I’ve screwed up your evening,” Marsha said, “I’m going to risk making it worse.
Did you really want a baby? You weren’t just going with the flow? You know, married so many years, time for a baby and all that?” Candy collapsed falling back on the bed sobbing again. Fuck horny females in state college pennsylvania.

“That answers that then.
” “Why.
why are you asking me? I can’t have a baby.
It doesn’t matter how many studs with big cocks I fuck, it’s me that’s screwed up inside.
Andy did get me pregnant, big cocks had nothing to do with it. Masterbating on web cam.
” “I get all that love.
I had an idea.
” “What?” “Could I? I know it sounds freaky.
could I have a baby for you?” “What?” “I thought if we had a baby, between the three of us, maybe it would help? We could do all that IVF stuff. Footbal alll girl gangbang film.
Your eggs, Andy’s sperm and my uterus.
People do this, we could do it.
” Candy lay on the bed another couple of minutes until she got her breath back.

“You’re serious?” “Totally.
I love you Candy, and I love Andy, I could do this for you, for us, if you’d let me. Street blowjob nasty gallaries.
I know I could just let Andy get me pregnant and surprise you both but that doesn’t seem right.
I want to do it together.
The three of us all do it together.
” “I don’t think I have any eggs.
” Candy sighed. Bondage discipline beautiful slaves.
“It wasn’t a miscarriage, it was an ectopic pregnancy and when it exploded I nearly died.