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“Ok,” she said with a glint in her eye, she reached and grabbed a pillow and stuck it under my lower back and she arched her legs and back to adjust positions.
I couldn’t believe it the feeling got better. Hugh gay black cock.
Jane was hitting my prostate.
“Oh my god, oh, oh,” I couldn’t believe the pleasure was more than before, I saw more pre-cum just oozing out my cock.
My cock twitched.
“Fuck!” I screamed out.

I just shot my load, cum landed on my chest and I was still cumming, spasm after spasm, more cum came out. _lu4ik_ free live animal sex.
Jane stopped, I never came so much in my life and I was exhausted.
Jane pulled out and leaned over me, she kissed me passionately and then whispered in my ear “love you, now eat me bitch,” Jane moved up my body and sat her soaking pussy on my face. Cuteedithhx free lesbian live chat.

It was hours later when Jane let me out of wrist straps that I new she was now the dominate one in our sex live.
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