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I felt so ashamed my eyes welled up instantly and soon enough I was crying my eyes out into my pillows.
I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep, not after that.
I just lay there for a while before he knocked on the door again.
“You awake?” “Go away” I urged, but he came in anyway.
“Shit” he whispered to himself, but I heard it anyway.
“What do you want? Submissive bbw. You gonna insult me some more?” He walked over to my bed and sat on the edge.
“I’m sorry I said those things.
You should have stopped, you know.
I thought that you were just playing, but.
I know you’re drunk, and I had to set you straight before we did something you’d regret. A sexy boy for free online sex chat.
I’m your brother, that means I have to look out for you, no matter what.
I’m not saying I didn’t consider it back there, but the thought of you shunning me for it after was just too much.
I couldn’t have taken advantage of you there, I’m not like that. Sexy-luna bbw sex live video free.
I hope there’s no hard feelings between us, I did whats right.
Soon enough you’ll see that too.
” I didn’t say anything, I just sat there hugging my pillow, realizing that the tears had stopped.
I also realized I was crying for no reason at all.

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I felt really stupid right then, but he cleared everything up so well.
“Get some rest, you got some explaining to do in the morning.
I cant save you from our parents, you’re gonna have to face them.
” He left. Sexymisskitty livecam woman.
I laid back down and just thought about nothing for a while.
I drifted off into a deep sleep, feeling relieved and enlightened.
The atmosphere around the house a few days after was really messed up.
Chris wasn’t talking to me and I was kind of scared to talk to him. Online fuck in united kingdom.
My parents noticed, but knew better to intervene.
Its not the first time we’ve been silent to each other, so they just kept a distance and let us work it through.
I finally caught him alone one night, mom and dad were in their room and I thought it was about time to sort this shit out.
“Chris?” I called out as I knocked on his door, making sure this time there isn’t another ‘incident’. Ximenahotxxx2 real voyuer cam.
No reply, but the door was open this time, so I just let myself in.
“Do you need something?” He asked in a sarcastic kind of tone.
“Yeah, we gotta talk” “Fine, what do you want?” “Lately things have been really awkward between us, and its cause we saw each other doing inappropriate things.

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I miss goofing around and laughing at your retarded jokes, could we possibly move past this little situation?” “I guess, but it’s gonna take some time to phase out.
” “Well, I know that.
Thats kinda why I’m in here. Saralovexx free indian porn chat without registration.
I’ve got a solution that will make things easier for both of us to get back to normal and make things the way they were before.
” “Whats that?” “Well, we can have sex.
” “What???