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At the center of all of our sexual attention was Carol.
We caressed and probed her naked body and she loved all the sex and attention.
Carol’s breasts were bright red from all the sucking and nibbling and her cunt was gaping with cum. Advanceddatingsecrets com.
We remained in our sexual frenzy for months.
We bought a king size bed so we would have more room for romping.
Carol would sometimes use a vibrator and small dildo to make herself come.
When she did that John and I would knell over her naked body and stroke our cocks or sometimes each others cock. White male interracial xxx.
We would come all over Carol and each other.
We kept towels to clean her up or sometimes we would lick the cum off each of us.
We were always coming on one another and we would be loud and in a frenzy.
Sometimes John and I would lick her cunt together and swirl our tongues together savoring her taste and our tongues. Mellania malayalam sex chat box.
We were insatiable.
It was like none of us had ever had sex before.
We were naked all the time.
Carol became demanding of our cocks, hands and mouths in every orifice.
We would finger fuck Carol at the same time and she would come loudly. Pornstar kelsey michaels.
We would get in combinations of sixty-nine and the person on top would get fucked while the licking was going on.

Another thing that excited us is when Carol would take both cocks in her mount for a simultaneous blow job and John and I would come in her mouth at the same time. Bangla new porn tube.
Two things I discovered about my self were that I loved to watch Carol and John fuck or have sex in any way and that I had some bi-sexual tendencies.
We were also falling in love, the three of us.
We told each other we loved them. Warning for married women 41 richmond hill 41.
We talked about our lives and the ways in which we grew up.
We made up marriage like ceremonies for threesomes.
We held hands and gave random hugs to each other.
We were always rubbing up against each other. Porn star cherokee gallery.
We loved to caress each other Carol soft and tender, John and I hard and hairy.
We continued to have sex multiple times in a day.
One time the three of us were sitting on the couch making out and talking about our relationship.

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We all got horny and couldn’t make it to the bedroom.
Carol got on her knees and pulled John’s cock out and began sucking and licking it.
I got behind her, pulled her dress up and her underwear off and started fucking her. Nairobi xxx sex chat.
I pumped my prick deep into her and caressed and fingered her ass.
I came in her, John came in her mouth and Carol came on my prick.
We all kissed and shared the cum in Carol’s mouth.
We did everything together. Sexy pussy lips fucked.
We drove to work together Carol sitting between us.
I’m sure that the people at work figured out what was going on.

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