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After one chase, I was treading water in the middle of the lake, looking around waiting for her to resurface.
She did- right in front of me, just out of arms reach.
She said, “You’re a horrible swimmer, you know.
” “Hey, I was never on the varsity swim team like you.
” She said nothing but moved a little closer, looking me in the eyes, still with that little smile. American dating sites.
The water was the color of very strong tea.
Looking down I could just make out the top of her boobs, but that was all.
She moved even closer, still with the same little grin.
Just when it seemed that she was going to kiss me, she grabbed the tops of my shoulders and with all her weight, dunked me under the water. Choco1ate total free sex chat.
I fumbled and came up sputtering.
By the time I got the water out of my eyes, Melissa was far away, swimming back to shore.

I went after her, but I was only halfway when she was already wading through knee-deep water.
“Nice buns too,” I called out. Japanese cam.
And they were.
Her ass was broad and toned, accentuated by that incredibly narrow waist.
She smiled at me over her shoulder, then waggled her bum a little and ran back to her backpack.
Melissa had herself wrapped in a towel by the time I got there. Kala prettyman porno.
I was still naked so she had a clear view of all of me.
She checked me out from top to bottom, a little wide-eyed.
I stood and let her look.
“Uh, are you planning to cover up anytime soon?” “Why? It’s just skin. Mila kunis lesbian.
And besides, you’re wearing the only towel we have.
” “What? You only brought one towel?” “This is backpacking.
Every ounce matters.
” “Grrr.

Okay, then turn around.
I’ll hand you the towel and I’ll get dressed.
” “Well, I dunno,” I said teasingly.
“You’ve had a really good look at me. Freeadultdatin for fun site.
The most I’ve seen of you is your bum.
” “So?” “So, it’s not fair,” I pouted dramatically.
She rolled her eyes.
You really are just little kids at heart, aren’t you?” I nodded eagerly with an exaggerated, hopeful look.
“Fine,” she sighed, then with a little hesitation dropped the towel to her side, holding it with one hand, and looked away to the side. 100datingarea com.

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