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I’m so, so wet that they slide all over the place.
I try to calm down a little but I need to climax.
My clit is throbbing and swollen but I’m too wet.
My fingers keep slipping off! That’s when I remember my new toy and I quickly reach under the pillow where I’d hidden it before. Ford escort wheel trims.
I part my lips and place it between them so it sits just inside my entrance.
The prongs are resting against my clit, ready to take me into orbit.

I’m trembling as I look in the mirror.
Glowing, breathing hard, eyes wild like an animal. Female climax orgasm wet squirt.
I switch it on and shudder as its vibrations run through me.
I lie back again and place my hand over it, pressing it hard into me.
The buzzing runs all the way along my folds and drives me crazy.
I want to come, I want to come so badly!

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I’m gasping, groaning, moaning and writhing all over the bed.
When I climax, it’s going to be massive and I’m shaking in anticipation. Breast woman lick dick orgy.
I imagine those prongs are his tingue – flicking me and eating my pussy as if he was starving.

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