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She had the perfect, tight, pussy that grabbed his cock and milked it good.
Shawn knew he would have to have her again.
He could think of more than a few dirty scenarios that he would like to push on her. Extreme cams chat.
It was then that he finally realized that they were not alone on the beach.
Shawn turned and saw the boat captain, and rather than finding embarrassment, he found opportunity.
Shawn motioned the captain over, and Brooke’s eyes went wide. Horney women wellington.
“You want to fuck her too?” The captain’s response to Shawn’s question was quick and firm.
Brooke’s weak protests were muffled as Shawn wrapped his hand around her mouth.
The excitement in her eyes told him all that he needed to know. Tower grove park gay.
She wanted this.
She wouldn’t admit it, but she wanted it.
And he was right.

It was one of her dirtiest fantasies.
Shawn turned her around, bent her over, and offered her to this new man.
With her face pushed up against the tree, the Captain wasted no time in finding his target. Gwella g?rlssex wapcam chat free.
His cock pushed smoothly into her well used pussy, still dripping with Shawn’s cum.
Clearly, he was not concerned about getting sloppy seconds.
Brooke couldn’t believe what was happening to her.
She had broken her no penetration rule with Shawn, and now a near stranger was fucking her cunt with abandon. Chessie kay fake taxi.
But she didn’t fight it.
In fact, she was surprised to find building pleasure in the walls of her pussy as she was fucked for the second time that night.
Brooke began pushing her ass back to meet the thrusts of this lecherous man. Where to meet married women.

Somehow it excited her to give herself to a man like this.
“My god, I really am a slut,” she thought to herself.
As she said that, her hand moved to her clit and she began to work it with a fever and furor that she had not known before. Free erotica for her porn.
With Shawn acting as cheerleader, telling her what a bad girl she was, what a perfect slut she was, and telling her of all the depraved things he was going to do to her in the weeks ahead, Brooke felt the orgasm building again. Tahoe vista west tahoe vista porn.
It struck her hard, and wave after wave hit her as she came on this bad man’s cock.