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Kathleen and I mingled and chatted with several couples, exchanging the usual information about our careers and family.
Surprisingly, whenever we met new swinging couples, sex was hardly ever the leading topic of conversation. Men being fed cum.
While Kathleen worked one side of the room, I struck up a conversation with a petite brunette named Kara.
She had big, beautiful, dark eyes that sparkled in the light, and long, black, curly hair that cascaded below her shoulders. Actress nude television.
She had a warm smile and engaging personality that I found intoxicating.
She introduced me to her husband, who seemed to eyeball me suspiciously.
He asked where my wife was, and I tried to point her out through the crowd with little success. Chat randommature.
I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Kara, and hung on her every word as if it were the most interesting thing I’d ever heard.

She explained that it was the first swinger party she and her husband had ever attended, and she was a bit nervous. Truth or dare online canli cam chat.
I assured her that there was no reason to be nervous, and that I was new to swinging myself.
She grabbed a brownie from the table next to us and took a bite.
“Mmm, it’s very good,” she said.
“Can I have a taste?” I asked. Stripper pole reviews.
She began to hand me a bite when I lowered her arm and kissed her to taste the brownie on her lips.
The music faded, the lights dimmed, and it seemed as though the entire room faded from existence, leaving only the two of us. Licking clit photos.
She was a fantastic kisser, with soft lips that practically melted in my mouth and with the passion of someone who hadn’t kissed anyone but her husband for a very long time.

She broke our kiss and the room came back into existence. Sarah bosnich dating.
“That was nice,” she said.
I agreed with her.
“I need to talk to my husband.
” I turned to where he had been standing, and he was no longer there.
Kara disappeared through the crowd and I never saw her again. Miapresley animal dog horse porno.
“Who was that?” Kathleen asked.
“Kara,” I said.
“You two were really going at it! I saw you from across the room!” “Yeah, well… I get the feeling hubby wasn’t too pleased.
” She slapped me across the shoulder. Shemale video sex sites.