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A few weeks later, while planning my husband’s fortieth birthday, I remembered the conversation we had that night.
He hadn’t brought it up again but Kate and I were drinking wine going over party arrangements and she asked me what I was getting him for his birthday. Hsinchu dating.
Without thinking I said, “Well he wants you, can I give him you?” “What!” Kate nearly spit her wine all over me from the shock.
Feeling drunk and surging with confidence, I leaned in and whispered in her ear, “He wants to fuck me while I eat your pussy”. Luckylipsss iran sex webcam.
To my surprise, Kate lifted my chin and planted the sweetest, wettest kiss on my lips.
“I would love that”, she murmured.
Now was my turn to be shocked.
“Are you kidding?” I asked feeling my panties grow wet with excitement. Naken aunty gallerier.

She shook her head no and gave me a sly smile.
She grabbed my hand and guided it to her panties.
I rubbed my finger over the silky fabric, moving it to the side until I had access to her soft mound.
I smiled at her as I returned the kiss, moving my fingers to spread her pussy lips probing her till I slipped two fingers inside her. Massachusetts swingers dances.
To my pleasure, I felt a rush up my spine as her fingers found my erect nipples.
‘I can’t believe this is happening”, I whispered to her.
“I can’t believe you are fingering me”, she said, “I have thought about being with you for so long. Sensuos young chat cam4.
I have been so jealous of your husband getting to fuck you every night”.
She continued telling me all her repressed desires, “I dream about your beautiful breasts and kissing your lips”.

I tell Kate to stop as I pull my fingers from her love hole. Christina agulira porn fakes.
“This is too crazy, we are just drunk, and you don’t mean this”.
She looks at me and takes my fingers in her mouth sucking her juices off of them so intently, I know she is serious.
“I can’t cheat on my husband, you know that”, I warn trying to convince myself as well as her. Teen photo sluts.
“You don’t have to,” she continued, “let him think it’s a threesome for him.
We can arrange it as a birthday gift” I paused, thinking about his reaction if I gave into his fantasy and explored my new found feelings towards Kate at the same time. You need what i got.
Still intoxicated, I agreed, and we worked out the plan.
As the party approached, my excitement built.
I thought about Kate in a way I had never before and every time I did, I had to masturbate to be able to focus again. Sexy girls hidden cameras.

My husband was so unsuspecting; I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.
After the party, as planned, Kate stayed to help clean up.
She told my husband to sit on the couch and relax.
While my husband sat down, Kate and I began to start our little act. Case ih bottom roll over.
She came up behind me as a leaned over to clean off the table and spanked me lightly.
I turned pretending to be surprised and she grabbed my face to pull me in for a long, wet kiss.
My husband cleared his throat loudly. Free streaming gangbang.
“I’m sorry”, Kate cooed looking over at my husband, “Do you care if I finger your wife?” “She has the best ass and I am horny as hell”.
“No not at all”, my husband said partly in amusement and partly in disbelief. Cheerleader sister brother.
“Go ahead, as long as I can watch.
” “Of course you can do more than watch” I told him as Kate lifted my dress revealing the black thong and garter belt I had bought for the occasion.