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” He reassured me.
I watched with keen interest as Jerome and the nurse mixed the barium solution and filled the container.
The volume was a bit over two quarts of solution.
“We have warmed this up to body temperature so you should not find this too uncomfortable. Hotgiulia1 usa wep sex mobil.
” He informed me.
“That looks like a lot of liquid?” I said with obvious concern.
“It looks scarier than it really is.
” Jerome smiled.
“We need to get the solution up into your large and small intestine.
” The nurse attached a long translucent tube to the container, and then attached the nozzle. Pic swinger wife.
I was instructed to lie on my side.
The nurse gave me a pillow for my head and one for between my knees.
She then placed a warm blanket over me.
Jerome stepped behind me, and raised the blanket exposing my bottom. Xnxx free chatings.
Being exposed this way was arousing me, and I feared he would be able to see, or worse yet, smell my arousal.
I blushed deeply and closed my eyes as I lay there.
Jerome put some latex gloves on, placed a large amount of K-Y jelly in his index finger, separated my cheeks and lubricated my anus thoroughly. Best shemale cum swallow porn movies.
When the tip of his finger entered my tight anal sphincter, I suppressed my moan and bit my lip.

I struggled not to clench his finger with my anus.
I could not believe I was responding this way to a completely innocent medical procedure. Hotmodel online porn video chat.
He pushed his finger deep inside my tight asshole and gently rotated it in an effort to get my fully lubricated and to relax my anus.
“Try to relax.
” Jerome advised.
Without thinking, I responded, “Let me see how well you can relax with my finger up your ass. New arab porn movies.
” I shocked myself with this statement, but it evoked a loud laugh from Jerome and the nurse.
The nurse merely said, “She’s got a point, you know.
” They both smile at the embarrassing situation I was in. Hot_virgin malayalam sex wap.
Jerome then removed his finger, leaving me feeling exposed and empty.
He then used one hand to spread the cheeks of my ass, while he picked up the nozzle and placed it at my anal opening.
Jerome applied just enough force to gently pressed it into me several inches.

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I felt it slide up inside my rectum.
He then pumped up the bulb inside me.
I could feel it slowly inflating inside me.
It felt like it was growing to three or four inches in diameter.
I did have a sudden urge to push it out, but started breathing heavily in an attempt to relax my natural reactions. Effects fish pollution sex water.
As I lay there panting, with a nozzle and an inflated balloon in my rectum, fully exposed to the gaze and inspection of this handsome, young, black medical technician and the nurse, I could feel myself becoming increasingly wet and aroused. Sex between men and philippines girls.

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