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” “Yes, yes,” Mrs Bell replied wearily as she bent one leg up so I could untie the lace and remove the plimsoll.
Miss Hopkins did the same for Jenny.
I winked at Jenny as I placed the plimsoll within easy reach and again rubbed Mrs Bell’s bottom as Jenny rubbed Miss Hopkins bottom. Find swingers 96001.
We nodded at each other as a signal to start and raising our hands brought our open palm’s down hard on each of their bare bottoms.
The feeling was incredible.
I watched Mrs Bell’s bottom cheek swirl around and heard her gasp just as Miss Hopkins let out a gasp. Cock torture pictures by russian mistress.
Jenny and I glanced at each other as we raised our hands again and spanked the other bottom cheek.
We were away and kept on spanking alternate bottom cheeks ignoring the louder and louder gasps from the two teachers and just focussed on turning their bottoms a deeper and deeper shade of red.

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I knew spankings at the school only lasted three or four minutes and had made a note of the time.
Two minutes seemed to fly by yet take so long as the two bottoms were turned a lovely red colour.
I caught Jenny’s eye and picked up the plimsoll for the second half of the spanking. Latina teens.
We didn’t delay and started to land spanks with the plimsoll on alternate bottom cheeks.
It was quite noticeable how much louder the spanks were as well as the teachers gasps.
Again we ignored their cries and their kicking legs and landed harder and harder spanks non-stop for the final two minutes. Couples chat room for ipad.
When we stopped I realised that Mrs Bell was sobbing and Miss Hopkins was actually crying.

I was so sorry now that I had agreed not to tell anyone and started to wonder what the worst that could happen if I did tell my friends. Forever yours breast.
I put the thought aside for later.
We let the teachers lie across our laps so they could recover a bit.
They never did that for us girls but then this was most likely going to be the only time we would have them across our laps. Best sex date chat alassio.
I was rubbing Miss Bell’s bottom which was warm and softish when I heard a gasp from Miss Hopkins.
She was still crying but I could see her legs were apart and Jenny had run her finger along Miss Hopkins pussy lips. Busty red stocking.
It was certainly am erotic gasp.
I looked down at Mrs Bell’s legs but they were pretty much together so I didn’t have the nerve to try the same.
Instead I savoured the remaining moments with Mrs Bell’s bare reddened bottom across my lap before ordering, “Ok, you can both get up.

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” Both teachers quickly eased themselves up and stood rubbing their bottoms.
That too was a sight to behold.
“You can get dressed,” Jenny ordered.
Mrs Bell eased her knickers up and flattened out her skirt as did Miss Hopkins. Risque lingerie columbus ohio.
“You’ll do one hundred lines as well please,” Jenny ordered.
At least it must have sounded like an order as both teachers nodded and said, “Of course.
” Mrs Bell asked, “Can we please do them after seeing the Headmistress to tell her you have spanked us?” Jenny looked like she was deciding and said, “Yes, Ok, but please show the lines to us by lunchtime. Powered by azdg dating site in israel.
” After a moment she added, “Don’t forget mistakes get extra spanks.
” “Of course, Jenny,” Mrs Bell replied sounding thankful at least they could do the lines later on.

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