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I’m so close to coming and I haven’t even touched myself! I take my legs wide and have a close look at my labia.
Glistening in the candlelight, dark red with arousal.
Creased and complicated but bare as the day I was born. Anal ass parade.
I softly stroke a finger along the the outer ridges.
A few ripples run through me and I gasp.
I can smell my juices and breathe them in.
I watch myslef as I use two fingers to part my lips.

They are so wet and I slip two fingers inside. Bustyamallia free sex vedio chat sign in.
I thrust them gently up and down then bring them to my mouth.
I savour the moment as I lick my own juice.
This is me, how I taste – warm, strong, musky.
I start to stroke all along the length of my folds, watching how my body reacts. Norwegian women dating.
I raise one hand to my breast and gently massage it while I move my other hand to my aching clit.

I’m so close now and I moan loudly as I rub my clitoris.
My wetness is such that my fingers slide everywhere and I hear squelches as I rub my lips together. Cuckold older women want huge cock.
I lie back on the bed and spread my legs as wide as I can, continuing to work my fingers.