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“Oh, God, baby don’t stop, don’t stop.
” Marcia’s body was building towards orgasm again as Carrie kept licking and banging Marcia with her quickly pumping finger.
Marcia was just about to cry out with yet another orgasm, when her lips were covered by another pair of lips. Robert smith and siouxsie sioux dating.
Marcia opened her eyes and pulled back, her surprise abruptly ended her orgasm.
Tracy stood right in front of her, fully naked and obviously aroused.
His eyes were hooded and his expression eager.
He put his hand behind her head and bent down to kiss her neck. Adult sex talk chatbot.
She looked down and saw that Carrie had a hold of his dick with her left hand and she was lightly stroking its thick length.
All of the physical input finally took its toll on Marcia and her body succumbed to the enormous orgasm that possessed her body.

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She came so hard she almost fell off of the sink.
Her juices were all over Carrie’s face and she almost couldn’t catch her breath.
Carrie pulled away from Marcia and took Tracy’s large dick deep into her mouth. New erotic hypnosis files feminization.
Tracy moaned and closed his eyes.
Marcia leaned in and began to kiss his salty tasting neck.
He held her close to his body as Carrie continued to lick and suck.
Tracy finally pulled away from both women and backed toward the bathroom door. Oily but rough facial skin.
“Both of you, to the bedroom.
” He said as he walked away down the hall.
The two women followed and they all bounded to the bed.
End of part one: Author’s note, for anyone who bothers to read this, please leave a comment so I can improve on these stories.

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I write these for my wife, so they are kind of geared towards what I know she likes, any feedback or suggestions would be great.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.
Our collective heartbeats had barely resumed normal rhythm (following a tremendous three-way fuck-and-suck-fest) when my fiancee pointed to Bob’s still partially-erect cock and exclaimed, “You promised me I’d get to see that thick monster in his ass!” “Promise you, I did,” replied Bob in an almost perverted Yoda-esque fashion. Masturbation straight black men.
“And you shall!” Thinking we’d need some time to recover before the next round of play took place, I reached for my drink and motioned to my fiancee and Bob to do the same.