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I had never bought them before, I knew they were sold in chemist’s shops but kept out of sight under the counter.
I found a shop and waited outside till there were no others customers, then went inside.
“Can I help you” this woman asked, trying to keep a straight face. Close up fingered to orgasm.
I just said, “A packet of Durex please.
” She reached under the counter and placed the packet on top.
I had no idea what they cos,t not having bought any before, and handed her a ten shilling note.
Others came in the shop and I just stood there embarrassed as she seemed to take forever to give me my change. Cresp1kspro chat rooms for free without registration.
After leaving the shop I breathed a sigh of relief, pleased with myself then the old fear returned.
What if she didn’t show up? It was agonizing waiting around till 7 pm outside the pub where we were to meet.

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I had butterflies in my stomach; worried someone who knew me might ask what I was doing hanging around outside, you can imagine my relief when I saw her walking towards me.
“You kept our date” she said sounding pleased, “I was sure you’d have a change of heart afterwards.
” “Why would I do that” I answered, feeling relieved as I opened the door for her and we entered the pub. Dating service contract.
The place was filling up fast, normal for that time of night in England in those days, particularly on a Saturday night.
As we found a seat nobody paid us any attention, Norma sat down while I went up to the bar and bought our drinks. Snijanadev free bongacams no sign up.
It was stuffy in the bar with all the people smoking and talking, so she took her coat off and placed it over her knees.

She had on a very nice dress but I was disappointed as it had a high collar and no buttons at the front. Blonde pigtail slut.
I had convinced myself she would wear something more accessible for later on.
When she went to the toilet I saw her from behind and again I felt an excitement seeing her stocking seems going up her legs from her high heels, and disappearing under the hem of her dress. Sex with karlen game.
She had a nice figure no doubt about that.
I was still a little anxious being with her and began to wonder about going to the dance with her, there would be others from the camp who knew me, and would be wondering why I was with a much older woman. Gay mature jerk off.

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