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The journey from nervous, awkward, embarrassed peck on the cheek at the front door to being naked from the waist down in his bed, legs spread with his cock buried deep in my tightly-stretched vagina was so smooth and so quick that my bewildered mind barely had time to register what my body was doing before it was too late even to try and stop. Get laid in 70601 ky.
Not that I would have tried; before any thoughts of hesitation or regret could enter my consciousness, the beast within me had taken over.
Tony was as passionate as before but this time I was responding instinctively and in kind. Wife cheating dating sites.
It was raw, rough, hasty, new and exciting.
We were both much better lovers too when given more time, unencumbered by clothes and on a soft mattress rather than on a hard floor with our ankles tied together.

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Once again I was amazed at the thickness of his short, stubby erection as it penetrated me and, after all those years knowing only Pete’s slim cock, just how unbelievably good it felt to feel young and tight again. Gennie free live chat with sexy milfs.
Although its length made his strokes much shorter than I would have wanted, Tony more than made up for this with speed and energy.
This time I reached orgasm hard, quickly and noisily which for me was most unusual. Amateur anal and ass fucked xxx images.
Tony matched his pace to mine, bringing himself to climax as mine began to fade and when I finally felt him ejaculating deep within me I was drifting on a sea of illicit pleasure.
Afterwards, I lay on the rumpled white sheets underneath him in a glow, feeling his welcome weight on my body and the extraordinary tightness in my vagina relaxing as his shaft softened and shrank within me.

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At that moment I understood that I had found a whole new kind pleasure that I had never realised existed.
“That was so good,” I heard myself saying, my voice slurred as if I was drunk.
“It was for me too,” Tony replied, panting slightly and looking deep into my eyes. Alicesky videocat besplatni.
“Why the hell did we wait so long, Penny? We’re so.
” “Maybe the time wasn’t right,” I wondered, my head still spinning.
“I don’t know; I’m just glad we found each other in the end.
” His flaccid cock slurped messily out of my vagina and he rolled off to lie at my side. Andreisex7777 girls on cam.
I felt his fingers on my skin, stroking me gently.
It felt good; close and loving.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tingling sensations.

“So what have we started, Penny?” he asked softly, his hand stroking my tummy, his fingertips straying down to my dark pubic triangle. Need fremale partner for the swinger lifestyle.
that’s nice.
What do you mean?” I asked.
“I mean,” his fingers were on my small boobs now, “What is this thing between us? Is it a fling? An affair? Are you going to leave Pete and live with me?” To be honest, the question hadn’t entered my mind; all I had been interested in were the incredible new sensations that sex with Tony brought. Www datingsolutionsformen com.
I felt young again, attractive, desirable and when he made me cum! “I don’t know,” I mumbled.
“I’m confused.
It’s too soon to make a decision.
Can’t we just enjoy what we’ve discovered for a while?” “Of course, anything you want,” he reassured me, his voice low and soft to match his fingers. Cuernavaca cuernavaca updated.