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We played like cat and mouse, me trying to please him while he made sure to please me just enough.
After all those cocks fucking me, showering and flooding me in cum, I needed to come, too.
Even if I didn’t want to, I couldn’t hold out much longer. Anal cream pie double penetration dp gonzo cum pov.
This bastard’s cock was my kryptonite.
Finally, I beg for it to end, “please.
” “She’s gagging for it,” he said, to the crowd apparently.
“No,” I shook my head, “please come.
I’m exhausted.
” “Ladies first,” he teased. Atk redhead mature gallery milf.
This guy liked fucking with me as he fucked me.
I laughed weakly at my predicament.
I couldn’t help it.
A finger touched my clit while his cock moved in and out of my pussy.
I sucked in a breath.
The finger disappeared. Extreme tight pussy dildo.
I relaxed.
The finger touched me again.

“Oh, god.
Stop, please.
” “I’m not stopping, honey,” he said.
“Stop teasing me.
” “Yer the first girl to accuse me o’ that.
Usually they bag me to stop fucking them,” he said. Sexy passable crossdresser hispanic looking for couple.
“Damn you mother fucker,” I said.
“Just come.
” He touched my clit again, rubbing me gently while he stuffed my pussy completely with his fat cock.
I groaned and bucked against him, involuntarily.
So close. Dildo machine motor.
“You first, but only if you ask nicely,” he teased.
“You fucker,” I whispered.
“Manners,” he said jovially.
“Not you,” I said.
Is a fucker for doing this.
” He put me in this position, allowed those men and this neanderthal to use me. Cerita sex datin 2013.
What did it matter if I gave in? It wasn’t my responsibility.
I would be so easy.

So much easier.
“Okay,” I said, relaxing complete.
“You win.
” “You’re an easy slut,” the man said.
I laughed, “Whatever.
” I wanted him to come so I could end this. Sexy turkish girls topless.
“Just make me come and then finish using me.
” He thrust hard in my pussy, and pushed down on my clit.
I nearly came on the spot.
“Okay, but you have to beg for it, slut,” he laughed.
He started fucking me steadily and earnestly worrying my clit with a finger. Watch my wife with a porn star.
I groaned, ready to come.
He stopped.
I moaned, “beg for it, slut.
” I did nothing.
He mimicked a statue.
I could feel his cock pulsing inside me, but no other movement from him.
I calmed down and he resumed, getting me close again before stopping. Natasha shy gives blowjob and fucks.
I moaned again.
He didn’t ask me to beg this time.
“Please,” I said.
“Fuck me.
” “You’re such a slut,” he said.
I nodded.
“Say it.

” Something broke in me.
I gave up control completely.
“I’m a slut.
” “And you like being used. Big butt teenage pics.
” “Yes, please use me.
Just fuck me,” I said.
“Pump your cum in my pussy.
” “Don’t you feel any shame?” he asked.
This wasn’t my humiliation, it was forced on me by my husband.
“No,” I shook my head, listlessly saying what he wanted to hear. Attractivefatale sexxxx video.
“I’m a slut, use me.
” He did use me, finally.
I proved my words, shamelessly coming as the man rammed my cervix and rubbed my clit.
I should have screamed in pain.
It felt wonderful.
I came like a dam breaking. San fernando nude photos.
I thought he might be kind to me and shower me with his spunk once he got me off.
He kept at it until I couldn’t remember my name.
He fucked me so well I didn’t feel him coming in me or pulling out.
I lay there for a minute panting for breath, shuddering with aftershocks of my climax, before I realized no one was fucking me. Mom fucking black cock video.