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except on Friday nights.
The second rule of Card Club is: NOTHING is more important than Card Club.
Some of the women in the Card Club are very young– in their early twenties; some are older– thirty-nine and holding; but all of them are rich. Welove69 wap xxx bonga in.
very rich.
old money rich.
And their Friday night sessions are more than cards.
This is the regular meeting of “The Westhill Good Ol’ Girls Club.
” Plans are made and deals are completed.
Careers are made or destroyed. Jessykm123 pornochat armenia.
This innocuous little club is the center of power for Westhill.
and for the state.
and beyond.
So, the meeting of the Westhill Friday Night Card Club is sacrosanct.
It takes a very good excuse to miss a Card Club night. Eachothers lesbian pussy sucking wet.
The third rule of Card Club is: ALL debts are settled before the night is over.

When you are rich.
very rich.
old money rich.
money is literally no object.
Multimillion-dollar deals are sealed with a handshake. Armpit tickle torture.
What then is a few hundred or even a few thousand that might be won or lost on a game of cards? Over time, other things more precious than money– like pain or dignity– came to take the place of cash in the game. Georgia x anal georgia peach cumshot.
Two wheels are spun each Friday night.
One at the beginning of the night and one at the end– well, at the end of the card game itself.
The first wheel determines the game.
The second determines the forfeit. Mature woman looking sex lake city florida.
Like life itself, it only matters if you win or lose.
Coming in second gains you nothing and almost losing means only that you didn’t win.

The forfeit is from the loser to the winner– or at least controlled by the winner– and is witnessed by the entire club. Hustler ham antenna.
At one time there was an actual wooden wheel with six numbers on it which was spun by the chairwoman of the club.
Now there are virtual wheels on the same computer that calculates the final scoring.
The game wheel has six choices: bridge, euchre, pinochle, rummy, canasta, and poker. Booty woman lick cock and fuck.
Those are old card games, but the Card Club has been playing cards for well over half a century.
The forfeit wheel also has six choices: money, self-abuse, spanking, electro-punishment, rug munching, and riding the bull. Sweet teen photographs.
Some of those choices are obviously much newer.
The severity of each forfeit is determined by how badly you lose.
There is a formula in the scoring program that adds together how far behind the winner the seven losers finished.

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An average is determined and the loser’s score is converted to a loss ratio relative to the average.
If you lose by less than twice the average, your score is one.
If you lose less than three times the average, but more than twice the average, your score is two. Pink hair teen fetish.
And so on.
After the wheel has determined the forfeit, a small table appears on the computer screen with the severity of your forfeit highlighted in bold.
The losers always hope for cash being the forfeit. Dating in the catholic church.
In this club, even if you lose badly, the cash amount is trivial.
Remember, when you are rich.
very rich.
old money rich.
ten thousand dollars– the maximum cash loss– is just a pleasant night out.
Thus the money spot on the wheel is effectively a pass on the forfeit. Brown shower girl porn.
The one in six chance is much better than the chances in real life, but the cash spot on the wheel reflects the reality of life that sometimes– even when you lose badly– cash can help you can find a way out of your problems. Lesbian piss drinking videos.

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