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I pushed my finger in deeper and touched something firm.
“I love having my ass fucked,” he moaned and rolled his hips so that my finger went even deeper.
“Please…that’s it…please, baby…fuck my ass with your finger. Alyssa jordan interracial.
Ohhhhh, deeper, please,” he softly begged.
He left one hand on my shoulder and gripped his cock around the base with his other, and I knew from porn and erotica that he was trying to hold off ejaculating. Artefakt- sxe cam.
I pressed lightly against that firmness that I was pretty sure was his prostate and then let him move so he controlled the depth, speed, and intensity of the stimulation.
He slowly fucked my finger with his asshole, softly grunting, and his dick began to get darker and more swollen, likely from how hard he was squeezing it. Blowjob through pants first time an overdue.
It was an uncomfortable position for me, but I loved making him lose control.
He let go of his dick so he could clutch my shoulders with both hands as he fucked himself on my finger.
His butt moved forwards and backwards faster and his heavy panting and frequent grunts told me he was getting close again, which was good because my right hand was starting to cramp. Shaved my crotch.

“Put another finger in,” he said, and I pulled out my middle finger, but I did better than just two.
I held four fingers together and could feel him bearing down to open up for me as I pushed in almost to my palm. Best no nude bikini girls.
He groaned as he bounced harder until my hand was inside him up to my thumb, then his entire body tensed up, preparing to cum.
“You can cum in my mouth if you want, but there better be more of that for me,” I said. Rapid city south dakota la crest bbw.
“Otherwise, how will you fuck your baby into me?” That did it.
“Aggghhh!” he shouted and pushed me onto my back, dislodging my fingers.
He clambered between my legs and forced his cock deep into me, his body heavy on mine. Neck city mo bi horny wives.
He immediately began thrusting frenziedly, violently, for probably ten or so seconds before he lifted me as he sat back on his heels and pulled me down hard onto his cock.
He froze, groaning, as he threw his head back. Angie hill jones porn.
He was so deep, it was almost painful, and I could feel him spurting his seed into my cervix.

After the last jet of cum, he fell forward and collapsed on top of me, panting.
“Sorry I came so fast, but I promise I’m gonna eat your pussy like it’s my last meal,” he murmured into my ear. Cute booty girl getting fucked gif.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Daddy.
Look at you, you can’t even move right now,” I teased.
“Give me about fifteen minutes, baby,” he said and softly laughed.
A few minutes later, he raised his head and looked at me. Asian boy trannys.
“Sarah, I need to piss but I can’t get up yet.