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Tensing her thigh muscles helped but she couldn’t hold them like that forever.
Every time she relaxed her body tried to pee and she had to immediately tense up again.
At one point she could almost feel a drop of pee wetting her panties, hoping against hope that she was imagining it. Dating a baby daddy.
Finally the studio audience applauded for the last time and the lights dimmed.
Emma shot up from her seat, almost knocking over the soap star in her rush to the door.
She ran down the corridor and into her dressing room, locking the door behind her. Gay dirty video.
She pushed open the door into the connected bathroom, almost tripped over the toilet in her rush to turn and sit down, frantically yanking down her panties and perching on the edge of the cold plastic seat.

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She was just in time, the instant her bottom touched the seat, her bladder gave way and a torrent of urine echoed against the porcelain bowl, splashing down into the water beneath.
Emma sighed happily, almost able to see her tummy deflating. Mayamihot situs video se wabcam.
She stared at the floor at her feet, a smile playing across her face as for a moment she tensed up, stopping the flow momentarily, just long enough to feel the warm ache inside her again.

Unable to hold it for more than a few seconds, she again relaxed and another gush of pee sprayed out of her into the toilet. Dating site women seeking.
Finally she was finished, after what felt like forever, and she was able to tear off a sheet of toilet paper, dab between her legs and stand up.
As she sat down at her dressing table to wait for her call to do the interview for that night’s news, there came a knock at the door. Male under ground strip club.