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I obeyed eagerly, although was surprised at how awkward it was to move with two cocks buried deep in me.
I moved slowly trying to find a rhythm but after a couple of minutes of awkwardness Michael suggested, “Maybe we should fuck you instead, Mommy.
” “God, yes,” I agreed getting frustrated from the stop and go, which also had my orgasm not building, instead just an infuriating constant tease.
“Hold still, Mother,” Michael ordered. Deep ass double end.
I quickly obeyed.
“You ready to really fuck my mom, Frederick?” Michael asked, I assume a big grin on his face.
“Fuck, yes,” a growingly confident Frederick groaned.
“Buck your ass up Frederick as I slam forward on three ok,” Michael instructed.
” “One, two, three,” Michael counted before they thrust into me, my breasts crashing into Frederick’s face as I screamed, the double deepness bringing intense pleasure, “Yes, Fuuuuuuck meeeeeeeee, boooooooys.
” And in perfect unison, I rose and fell as my son and his best friend double penetrated me.

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When both thrust deep in me, I felt so full that it almost felt like their cocks were touching.
Each deep thrust had me making sounds I had never heard escape me before.

After only a few deep thrusts, my orgasm which had been simmering in ‘no cum land’ forever suddenly began quickly rising.
“Don’t stop,” I whimpered as my orgasm continued its rise to eruption.
“Is Mommy close?” Michael asked.
“Yes, Master, your sluuuuuuut is sooo close,” I answered, as another double thrust riddled my sexual senses. Naked mouth fucking girl in.
After a few minutes of hardcore double pleasure, my breathing was getting erratic and Michael knew I was close.

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