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Dutt continued grinding his powerful hips up and down, his cock infiltrating the deepest, darkest, wettest depths of Mira’s burrow.
His buttocks clenched with each of his thrusts, and as he fucked his wife’s sister, Rishik kept asking her how much better a lover he was than Rohit.
“Am I really that much better?” he sneered.
“Yesssssss!” hissed Mrs. Cunt fetish videos.
“R-Rohit was nothing c-compared to you!” Her body continued thudding against the wall as she was lifted into the air for a moment before dropping down painfully onto his slick, throbbing phallus.
“Your c-cock’s so much b-bigger—s-so much b-better! Sex site for chatting. H-his was s-so s-small c-compared t-to y-yours!” Both lovers were drenched with sweat.
Though Mira had her limbs wrapped tightly around her lover, she could feel her grip slipping.

Their naked, glistening bodies glided against each other’s without the least friction. Baton rouge louisiana local girls fuck.
After a few minutes of passionate fucking, Mrs.
Lall came with a piercing scream.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Brother!” She threw her head back and it smacked hard against the wall.
A gush of fluids erupted out of her slit, flooded around the steel-hard cylinder of Rishik’s penis, and trickled down her luscious thighs. Sesame street porno stort.
Mira’s limbs lost their grip around Mr.
Dutt’s neck and hips and she began slipping down the wall.
But Rishik held onto her tighter, and following a few final thrusts into her hot cunt, his cock erupted. Strapon_club free online porn chat no sing up chats.
Jet after jet of semen poured out in a constant stream into his sister-in-law’s pussy as Mr.

Dutt came with a tremendous roar.
After his orgasm Rishik’s body began to lose its energy.
He carried his lover over to the bed and collapsed on top of her. Evafromheaven fucking girlchat.
They began kissing and licking each others’ faces.
Mira had her sweaty brown legs locked around Mr.
Dutt’s back as he casually thrust his cock into her every now and then.
The last sight Vickram glimpsed before taking his eye away from the hole in the closet wall was the smile on his mother-in-law’s face. Girl sex with doctors.
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