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She turned over to find a note that he had left, she rubbed her sensitive swollen clit as she read the note.
“ Back at 3pm, everything you need for today is set out for you in the bathroom, your clothing for today is in your wardrobe x” She looked at the clock it was 9:45am she had plenty of time to get ready, she got out of bed as goose bumps rose on her naked body, she lazily reached for her bathrobe which wasn’t there so she quickly walked naked to the bathroom to see what Robert had in mind, she looked on the cabinet to find a razor with a note next to it saying “You know what I like x” He loved it when she presented herself well for him. Granny women.
Legs smooth and her pussy even smoother with a thin strip of hair running down the middle he loved cupping her pussy in his rough hands and making her grind herself against it while he suck’ s on her nipples.

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After she had made sure that every single bit of legs and pussy were smooth she got lost in thoughts of what Robert had in store for them she reached down to her pussy and felt how wet she was as she pushed two fingers inside herself and started finger fucking her wet pussy until she came over her hand. Escourt dominate.
She went back into their bedroom so she could get changed she opened the wardrobe doors and was shocked to find that Robert had removed every single piece of her clothing apart from a very small pair of black lace panties, black fishnet stockings and a pair of 4inch black stiletto heels. Vanessa anne hudgents naked.
He knew she hated heels she found it difficult to walk in them but they did make her feel sexy.

She looked in Roberts wardrobe all of his clothes had also been removed she looked round the room not wanting to walk round the house more or less completely naked all day and found Roberts large black shirt hanging on the back of the door she put it on making her feel a little more comfortable. Tiny cocks pics.
She strutted down stairs in her 4inch heels when she heard a knock on the door she started to panic not knowing if she should answer it or just leave it.
The knocking got louder so she opened the door and peered round. Girls grab each other butt ass.
“Parcel for Miss Lane.
Just sign here” She opened the door wider so she could sign the form as she did the delivery man looked at her taking her all in a smile was plastered on his face as he handed her the large package she quickly grabbed it and closed the door she wondered what it could be she taken it into the living room to open she opened the note attached to it, it read.

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“For you my pet x” She ripped it open to find a large dog basket the outer was lined in black silk it looked stunning considering it was for a dog.
That’s why Robert must have left early so he could pick up a puppy she felt herself getting excited attached to the basket there was another note. Speed dating in lancaster uk.
“I hope you will find this extremely comfortable x” Confused by the note she taken the basket to the kitchen and placed it on the floor she looked at the time it was 2:55pm time had gone so quickly.
She soon heard keys rattling at the door she quickly started to unbutton the shirt she had on knowing Robert would be disappointed at her for wearing something he had not asked her to wear he walked into the kitchen carrying shopping bags he noticed the dog basket then looked at Anna taking her shirt off. Ed speelers nude pics.

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