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“Mmm, mmm,” Trish moans, her body undulating under my touch.
My hands move to the V where her legs meet her body, and I slide my thumbs along the sides of her labia.
As I move my thumbs up and down, I touch my tongue at the base of Trish’s vagina. Dating girls cell numbers.
Using my fingertips, I gently pinch Trish’s labia together and kiss them.
Her aroma fills my nostrils the longer I kiss those delicate lips.
“Oohh don’t stop, Luke.
” No longer able to resist, I press my nose gently between Trish’s swollen labia and slip my tongue in the wetness of her vagina. Korea sexy photos naked.
Moving my nose and tongue in small circles, Trish pushes herself against my face as my tongue goes deeper into her womanhood.
I tease Trish, swirling my tongue fast and then slow.
“Oh God Luke.
I need to come!” I slip my tongue from her slit and kiss her swollen labia, nibbling and sucking her stiff clit. Sierra bukkake black.
“Please Luke, don’t stop!” I kiss my way up to her navel, alternating between licking and sucking Trish’s innie.
“Oohh Luke, please!” I kiss my way back down and take Trish’s clit between my lips, as I slip two fingers into her slit. Which spice girl has nude pic.
“Aarrgghh, make me come, Luke!” No longer teasing Trish, I thrust my fingers faster and suck her clit harder.

Trish is beside herself, thrashing about and grabbing a hold of the bed sheet as her orgasm takes over. College freshman dating high school senior.
“OH MY GOD!” Trish screams out, arching her back, her breasts thrusting upward.
I drink up her love juice and firmly press my tongue against Trish’s throbbing clit.
When Trish has come down from her orgasm, I move my tongue from her clit and kiss my way up to her waiting mouth. Maggie q naked gun.
Trish and I share a soft, loving kiss as I lay on my side next to her.
“Luke, where did you learn that?” “I didn’t Trish, it just came to me.
” “That was amazing for your first time, Luke!” Trish pushes me on my back, “Are you ready?” “Yes, Trish. Niki blonsky and zac efron dating.
” Still wearing her dress, Trish straddles my hips, and I feel her wet slit on my erect cock as she rocks back and forth along its length.
“Trish, you are beautiful,” I say, drinking every curve of her body as she slips her dress over her head and tossing it to the side.

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I reach up and unhook the front clasp of her black lace bra, watching her full breasts come into view.
Tossing the bra off to the side, Trish raises herself up as I wrap my hand around my stiff cock.
I hold the stiff cock upright, and Trish lowers herself, letting the cock head slowly part her swollen labia. Fiorenzoover squirt cum shot.
“Wait Trish, what about protection?” “It’s okay Luke, I’m on the pill.
” She slowly takes the entire length of my cock in her pussy.