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She rode me hard until she came and then without a word got off and took a shower.
I finished myself off and laid there confused.
After her shower, she came out and laid down with me.
We started watching TV for a bit but I could tell she had something on her mind. Jerry_miller chat travestis cam.
I decided to play it quiet and wait.
About thirty minutes into Iron Chef, she muted the TV and ask “Were you serious?” To which I asked, “About what?” She informed me that she worked out with him that night, on our sacred leg day, and that he was as good a spotter as me. The alternate domination of one faction over another.
Now, when I spot her on squats, I playfully grind my groin against her ass which usually gets a smile and nothing more, so of course I had to ask for details.
She went on to tell me that he did the same thing I did but she responded with a little teasing by grinding back against him, something she never does with me.

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I asked if that is what had her so turned on that night and she told me, “Not exactly.
” Now I was very curious and very much turned on.
She then said, “After we worked out, he convinced me to try doing some stretches with his assistance. Nudist 27846 chat.
His body was pressed against mine with a leg on his shoulder while we stretched my hamstrings and… babe… I wanted him.
Are you mad?” No words could express my emotions.
I was slightly jealous but also found myself pushing her back on the bed in that exact position and again entering her, “Is this how you meant?” “Oh yes, fuck me just like that!” We went on for another ten or twenty minutes until we were little more than a heap of sweat and sex.

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We fell asleep like that, a first in nine years of marriage.
The next week we worked out four of the five days and she made no effort to go in the evenings.
I got the idea she was very nervous to see him again and finally asked her at the end of the week. Skirt pantyhose video galleries.
At this point she told me she was very nervous and didn’t know what she would do if he tried to move past physical flirting.
I reminded her I was ok with it as long as I was involved in some way.
She simply said, “Ok,” and we went about finding a sitter so we could go to a movie, where she actually gave me a handjob in the middle of the movie. Fuck her corriganville maryland.