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I obliged.
Removing my thigh from its happy nesting place between her legs, I laid flat on top of her and began pushing myself lower and lower, licking every inch of her tight abs along the way.
Finally, I approached the target of my carnal desire. Free interracial pov x tube.
I felt the first pubic hair on my tongue and she responded by bending her legs and the knees and opening her legs as wide as they would go.

My hands snaked under her ass and I massaged her cheeks as I gently bit the inside of her thigh and nibbled all the way down, half-way to her knee. Likewearthong moldova free chat nude.
I worked my way back up and, passing right by the source of her lovely aroma, treated her other leg to the same sensations.
I had just started kissing and licking all around her clit when she breathed, “Oh Hank, get there.

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Get there baby.
” The lips of her cunt were all swollen and pink.
I took one hand from her ass and played my fingers across her distended lips, opening them so that I could find that lovely little bud that would make her bloom for me. Femdom nipple suction stories.
She lifted her feet off the bed and pulled her legs up and wide for me.

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