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My heart pounded in my chest as I quickly and clumsily burst the buttons on her dress and dragged it off her shoulders and onto the floor.
She was naked underneath.
No panties.
No bra.
Her body showing clear signs of recent use – and not by me! Sheiladeluxe couple webcam chat. I pushed her roughly back onto the rumpled, stinking bed and forced her legs apart with my knees, placing my body between them so she couldn’t close her thighs.
The smell of stale sex emanating from her vulva was overpowering. Bbw mother daughter threesome.
I put a firm hand on each knee and firmly pressed her legs even wider apart.
She winced audibly.
Kneeling between her open thighs, I stared at my sweet innocent wife’s vulva.
Tears began to run from my eyes as the evidence of her infidelity hit me like a sledgehammer. Paul washer dating advice part 1.

There were two – no three – knots of dried semen in her soft, sparse pubic hair, close to her slit.
Her labia were very swollen and pink – I felt another huge wave of jealousy pass through me as I thought of another man’s cock plunging over and over into the warm, wet sticky passage that had hitherto known only mine. Gloryhole jacksonville fl.
I stared at her puffy lips in amazement; a white cord hung down the dark gash below.
Oh my God! I gasped, my eyes fixed on the tampon string.
“You did it!” I said, amazed.
Claire nodded sheepishly.
“I thought it was what you wanted. Fuck my tight pants.
” The perverted smile on my face must have strangely reassured her because her legs loosened a little around my waist.
As she lay back on the bed, I half-stood and frantically unfastened my belt, lowering my trousers and pants to my ankles and releasing my throbbing erection.

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I knelt again between her open thighs and slowly, carefully, tugged the cord.
Claire’s face screwed up in pain as I pulled.
“Sore?” I asked in a whisper.
She nodded.
I pulled much more gently, teasing the white wad from her tight passage until, with a strange ‘popping’ sound it fell from her lips onto the dirty sheet. Weird lesbian fuck.
I suppose I must have expected a gushing flow of semen from her red, sore hole because I felt oddly disappointed when none came.
What did come was the most overpowering smell of sex I have ever encountered in my life. Hailey young pantyhose.