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We’ll go to the store where I work.
You can get my discount,” Kim replied.
Judy and Kim left the restaurant and went to the department store where Kim worked.
Kim led her friend through the store to the lingerie department. Kinky sex date in baldwinville ma. Swingers kinkycouples sex..
She pointed at the racks, telling Judy what she liked to wear.
Judy stood near Kim, looking at the sexy bras and panties she showed her.
When Kim held up a lacy thong, Judy shook her head.
“Those look uncomfortable,” Judy said. Lost clothes.
“You’d be surprised, Judy.
I wear them all the time.
It took a little getting used to, but now they don’t feel weird at all.
You can buy a pair and see if you like them.
If you do, get more.
If not, you can always wear your granny panties,” Kim said. Accommodating ideas.
“Don’t be a brat, Kim.
I guess I never thought too much about my undies,” Judy said.
“Well, the new Judy needs to think about these things,” Kim said.
She laughed and snapped Judy’s bra strap.
“What size bra do you wear? Allysin chaynes lesbian. We can start putting together sets of sexy undies for you.
” “The last time I bought one, it was a thirty-four C,” Judy said.
Kim sorted through several bras on the rack.

She looked at one, put it back, then selected a few others. Xbluestarx online sex videos in tamil girls.
Grabbing Judy’s arm, Kim led her to the dressing rooms.
“Try this on,” Kim said after sliding the curtain closed.
“Um, okay.
Are you going to wait outside?” Judy said as she unbuttoned her blouse.
Laughing, Kim shook her head. Contact dating russian women.
“They’re just tits, Judy.
You have to get over your shyness.
” Holding her blouse closed, Judy said, “I’ve never been comfortable undressing in front of anyone.
When I had to change for physical education, I would keep my towel wrapped around me. Morristown guy here looking for some ohio nookie.
I put my bra on over the towel, then pulled it out.
” “A lot of the girls did, Judy.
” Judy laughed and said, “Unlike you, I was shy.
You didn’t mind flashing your goodies for everyone to see.
” Kim shrugged her shoulders. Datingsitescomparison com.
She reached for Judy’s blouse, helping her friend take it off.
After hanging the garment on a hook, Kim looked at her friend, then began chuckling.

“Is this the bra you were wearing when Mark grabbed your boob?” Kim said. Llovers4u2 usa local porn girls.
Blushing, Judy nodded.
Kim poked her finger against the molded cup.
“He sure didn’t get to feel much.
This thing is like armor.
” Kim reached around Judy and released her bra.
Gasping, Judy quickly crossed her arms over her breasts. Puhlik top free sex cams.
“Try this one on, Judy,” Kim said as she handed Judy one of the bras.
Keeping one arm over her breasts, Judy took the bra from her friend.
Turning her back, she put on the sheer garment.
Judy tugged at the cups, adjusting them on her breasts. Is use of facial toner necessary.

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