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As it came time to turn in, Ashley was once again persuaded to help the guys make up their beds.
She first offered her assistance to Jarrad.
She went around to one side of his couch and helped him to get the sheets situated. Women that want fucking 12846.
When she bent over to tuck in the bottom sheet, the towel dropped away from her waist.
Ashley seemed not to notice how much she was exposing.
However, she gave herself away when she glanced up at Jarrad and saw where he was looking.

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Brad was enthused that she did nothing to cover herself.
By the time they had finished making Jarrad’s bed, Ashley had teased him so much, he was ready to rip the towel off and take her right there, Brad or no Brad. Chinese interracial sex.
Ashley caught the worried look developing on Brad’s face.

“How about I get us another beer?” she suggested to break the tension.
“Sounds like a winner,” Brad said with great relief.
“We need to plan out tomorrow anyway. Ipswich single personal ads dating.
” When she got back from the kitchen, Jarrad had stripped down to his shorts and was sitting on the edge of his bed.
After handing him a beer, she sat down on the other couch next to Brad.