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I have also picked the odd bloke up from a pub, but my typical hunting places are the posher hotels, where I can book a room, pick up some cock, and fuck them senseless before I bugger off home with a satisfied grin on my face. Natalie dillon virginity auction.
I have, before now, taken two or more guys.
One evening at a hotel, I clocked two guys looking in my direction.
It wasn’t long before we started chatting and we all decided that they would be up for pouring their spunk over my body. Kirkwood ny sexy women.
I booked a room, we all left the bar, and they proceeded to fuck me, one after each other, on the strict understanding that they spunked all over my body.

They did just that after they used me to fuck my throat and pussy several times. Volwassen theater boekhandel glory hole sex.
My naughtiness that evening was what I was about to do, not what I had already done.
After they spunked all over my tits, lower chest and stomach, I simply slipped my white top on and buttoned it up.
I slipped on my skirt, hold up stockings and shoes. Chanelle hayes dildo.
I shoved my bra into my bag and then nonchalantly walked out of the room, and hotel, smelling of spunk, and watching and feeling their cum, soak through the white cotton fabric, as I walked to the car.

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I drove home just like that.
I was breathing heavily as I walked up to the door and let myself in.
I didn’t know if my husband would be up or would have gone to bed.
On this occasion, I didn’t care.
I walked into the house, walked upstairs and then stripped to have a shower. A guide to sex submission.
I must admit to sniffing my white top and even sucking on the spunk soaked areas before I put it in the washing basket.