Locsl chats without sigin.

I just stared at my phone and then I saw him typing another message.
“You like that?” “Yes.
Imagining it makes me want it now.
” “I want a picture of you right now.
” I almost laughed out loud; I looked a mess, it was late at night and I was in bed. Seeking a mature woman for forbidden pleasures.
There was no way was I going to send him a picture now.
“In my PJs with messy hair? Not sexy.
” His response was immediate.

“Do as you are told.
” I can’t describe the feeling I had as I read those five words. Justin timberlake snl boob.
My heart pounded, my stomach tightened, my mouth went dry.
I felt instantly horny.
I’d never been so turned on by one simple command.
I lay there for a few seconds contemplating saying no, but I was kidding myself. Russell martin naked.
All I wanted in that moment was to please him.

I got out of bed, turned on the light and pulled my long, dark hair from the messy bun it was in.
Hoping I looked more ‘messy chic’ than ‘dragged through a bush’ I got a couple of pictures on my phone and sent him what I thought was the best one. Creatures that lick their own eyeballs.
I had an even more powerful reaction to his reply.