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That would make sure we wouldn’t be interrupted.
And even though we had made out and played with each other so many times, I was still very nervous.
I don’t remember what I wore that day, or what Seth wore. Bisexual movies dvd.
But after closing the door, he began to slowly undress me, kissing me softly.
I think he knew this was a big deal for me and I really appreciated how respectful he was being.
It wouldn’t always be this way, but for today it would be. Nude sexy men blog.
We had talked about using lots of lube and after we both got undressed, Seth rolled me onto my tummy and raised my ass in the air.

Spreading my cheeks, he squirted some lube on my dry asshole and used an index finger to loosten my tight ass. Im just looking for long term.
It felt good and he quickly was trying to add his middle finger into the mix, but it hurt.
“Owww!,” I squirmed.
“Sorry,” Seth apologized as he returned to just one finger.
His left hand began to massage my back as he applied more lube and worked his index finger in deep again. Married but looking fairwater wisconsin.
After a few more minutes, he slowly slid his middle finger in, too, and it didn’t hurt as bad this time.
I lay on my belly, breathing deep as he loosened my little ass.

Seth’s left hand left my back and I heard the sound of lube squirting. Bdsm movie video.
He rubbed it all over his dick and removed his fingers.
He pressed the head of his six inch dick against my ass and began to push in.
“Owww! STOP!!!” At my request, Seth pulled out.
“Are you okay?,” he asked as he began to rub my shoulders. Blond slut squirting.
I didn’t say anything, determined to do this.
I just nodded my head, yes.
He began to rub his dick between my well lubed ass cheeks.