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It was quite late and I was getting ready for bed–Oscar was snoring as usual–and I stood there in my nightdress, in the bathroom.
“I have kept myself in pretty good shape for forty.
” I thought to myself. Mega granny dildo.
“I have better legs than Maria–and a tighter tummy.
” If I hadn’t been drunk, I wouldn’t have done it.
I pulled my nightdress over my head and stood there naked.
I cradled my breasts and watched myself do it. Strap on girl fuck man pics.
“These really aren’t too saggy for forty.
” I thought.
“I really am in good shape.
” My hand slid down across my stomach and brushed my pubic hair.

One finger slid along my slit as I watch myself in the mirror. Nudist contest blogspot.
” I thought.
“Is he the only man that will ever have me?” I hadn’t masturbated since I was sixteen and then the feelings had scared me so much, I never did it again.
But right then and there, in front of the mirror, I found my clitoris with the tip of my finger. Good dating simulation games.
I gave it a rub and it felt good.
It felt really good.
I pressed harder and almost made myself gasp; and I saw myself getting turned on in the mirror.
I grasped my breast a little harder, and my fingers brushed my nipple.

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That felt good, so I pinched my nipple.
That felt even better.
In a drunken haze I pinched and twisted my nipple and rubbed my clit, until the room started spinning.
God I felt horny.
I had never felt horny like this before! Boy cock eaters tube. I sat down on the edge of the bath and opened my legs.
I wanted something inside me.
I tried a finger, but it was too much like Oscar’s little cock.
I looked around, as I rubbed my clit and saw a hair brush. Clothed wetlook.

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