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Mrs Bell again looked at Miss Hopkins and said, “Well that is true, I suppose.
We jumped the gun and should have thought about it some more.
” Miss Hopkins blushed and nodded her head saying, “I suppose so. Free young threesome.
” I suddenly realised that our wish to spank the two teachers was sounding as though it was going to become a reality.
I was quite shocked and was waiting for one of them to burst out laughing and say it was all a joke. Pvr jtag hole on bottom.
However neither of them did and instead stood up and Mrs Bell said, “OK, girls.
We would rather take the spanking than the cane.
I can’t imagine that it makes any difference if you spank us here rather than in the Headmistresses Study. Free gay porno films.
Do you promise not to ever tell any of your friends?” I was still quite shocked but immediately we both replied together, “Yes, Miss.

” I added, “It’s the adult thing to do for sure.
” Mrs Bell gave a strained smile and said, “Thank you girls. No credit card needed mobile phone adult chat rooms.
So please take the two chairs.
” Jenny and I quickly turned the two upright spanking chairs around so they faced each other and we sat down.
As we had jokingly discussed spanking the two teachers just a few minutes earlier it was easy for me to say, “I’ll deal with you Mrs Bell, and Jenny will deal with you, Miss Hopkins. Fuck hindi audio.
” The two teachers nodded their heads and went and stood obediently by each of us.
It was then I focussed on what they were wearing.
They were both in gym gear so white short-sleeved tops, and white gym skirts, short white socks and white plimsolls.

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Actually we had pictured them both in exactly that gear as that was what they had been wearing when they spanked us.
Jenny and I were in our school uniform so short-sleeved green and white checked gingham dresses, and black shoes. Just looking to be stress free.
We didn’t have to wear socks with the summer uniform.
So I realised that once Mrs Bell raised her skirt and took down her knickers and bent across my lap it would be her skin on mine and I was quite turned on by the thought. Chatrandom canada quebec naked man.
“Hold your skirts right up and push your knickers down, please,” Jenny ordered.
Both Mrs Bell and Miss Hopkins blushed again as they did as they were told and moments later were standing with their knickers around their knees and holding their skirts right up. Norsk dating sex.
Miss Hopkins had a Brazilian cut pussy hair which I had seen in magazines and wanted to try myself.

Mrs Bell had her pussy hair like my Mum which was au natural.
“Get across our laps,” Jenny ordered.
I was unable to breathe properly as Mrs Bell bent across my lap and as her weight dropped on to my thighs I looked down at sight I had only dreamed of. Fat pussy payed sight.
Her quite delicious very adult bare bottom cheeks were across my lap.
I looked across at Jenny who was rubbing Miss Hopkins bottom and smiling at me.
Not content though she said, “You know, Mrs Bell, we are only sixteen-years-old as you said and not full adults like you. Your_aliska live web cam sex chats south africa.
I think to make sure the lesson is learned we should spank you for a while with our hands but then use a plimsoll.
Don’t you agree Miss?” I felt Mrs Bell sigh but it was Miss Hopkins who said to the floor, “I did say they would ask, didn’t I Mrs Bell. Exton wanted for.

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