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Melissa cried out.
“Hush, baby, you have to stay quiet” Melissa’s head dropped back on his shoulder, her back arched to avoid his duty belt, causing her hips to thrust forward and giving him perfect access to her sweet spot deep inside. Sindhi dating site.
Moving his hand in a steady rhythm, he stroked that spot that she loved, feeling her pussy get wetter and wetter and clench around him.
Melissa was breathing quickly, her cheeks flushed, her full lips parted in ecstasy.

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She subdued her cries.
Somehow, having to remain silent made the pleasure even more intense.
She was so close to cumming, her body building and building with sweet pressure.
“Cum for me, Melissa.
Cum for me here, now,” Shawn urged. Amy sex chat.
On his command, her body shuddered with an intense orgasm.

A soft, keening cry escaped her lips.
“Again, Melissa,” Shawn demanded, sliding a second finger inside of her and massaging her spot vigorously. Xxx video full screen.
“Cum again.
Here at your desk.
Cum all over my lap.
” Melissa, always responsive to him, came again.
Shawn felt her cum squirt out of her pussy, coating his hands and soaking through his uniform.