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We moved there from Kansas City, Kansas for good jobs about eighteen years prior.
All our extended family still lives in Kansas City.
My name is Ed, and we decided to travel to Kansas City with my wife’s eighteen-year-old coworker named Jessie for the Thanksgiving holiday. Lesbian foot fuck.
The plan was to leave work early and make the nine-hour drive there and arrive mid-evening on Wednesday night.
We would be staying at my brother’s home, so we could go over to my parents early on Thursday. Orgy porn pay per view.
Our two kids were in college in California and we couldn’t afford to bring them home both on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
The kids decided to come home for Christmas since it’s a longer holiday.
Jessie was with us since she couldn’t afford to travel to her home in Florida. Yummypinay live anonymous streaming private cams.

Sue was mentoring Jessie at work and didn’t want to see her be alone for the holiday.
They developed a fondness for one another that went well beyond normal workplace boundaries.
I met Jessie several times at parties in our home and found her to be quite charming and sexy. Miki560 omegle sex video call.
We left town at about 10:00 am on Wednesday and the weather was good for the first few hours.
Then we ran into a mixture of rain and sleet for the rest of the trip.
We had no other problems until it was just getting dark and we were about two hours outside of Kansas City. Kimberlyowens ftee sex cams.
The car started running very rough and we were concerned about being stuck on the road.
I pulled off I-70 into the small town of Junction City to look for help.

We drove around in Junction City for a little while but couldn’t find any car shops open on that dark and wet Thanksgiving Eve. Milf in pantyhose.
Then the worst happened.
Our car sputtered to a stop on 5 th Street right next to a park and what looked like an old, abandoned building.
It was scary being stuck like that on a dark and stormy night in an unfamiliar city, and what looked like a rough part of town. Julietalucia porno chat american onlain.
We had our cell phones, but I didn’t want to call my brother and bother him with our problem since we were two hours away, at least not yet.
So, I planned to walk for help and leave Sue and Jessie in the car. Beautiful woman thrift store tura beach.

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