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My thoughts cannot hide, thus were to be caught, A mind laid bare without innocent thought.
She who hath only an ember of fire Whose heat slowly spreads to ignite a desire, To kiss tenderly your lips of rich mellow wine As we drink our fill of the warm sunshine. Live granny cams.
Is it possible to remember a time and place you have never seen.
She is like the mist, in a past not there; in a vision, a guise of love.
Is it nostalgia, true nostalgia, to yearn for that which you never had. Xxx gifs asian tight ass fucked.
Neither known nor unknown, she is my own, above the heights, the lost sights and sounds and smells of love.
The rolling hills are there, and passing through them brings the clear clarion call of remembrance. Free nude big boobs women.
The music of lost passages of time; of lost love, never mine.

Smelling the golden grasses dried by the symphonic sunlight of summer.
Her hair, filled with the odor of sun filled days, and nights, in the season of love. Heidycaremelo flash tits on webcam.
Touching the live oak leaves redolent with green, as tears of longing drop among the acorns of desire.
Skin of velvet and musk, glowing with the russet loveliness of loss, still to be found.
Sing to me, meadowlarks, sing and echo down the valleys, laughing as they roll away, together once more, as never before, here in our heartland of heavenly thirst for the sweet honey of home. Debating scientific dating.
Her song trills and causes trembling, in my mind, in my heart and my fantasy, my fond remembrance of the past.
Home once more, for the first time of many times to come.
Home, where she lives, in my memories, of nostalgic visions to come.

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Returning home, returning to a place and time out of time, no longer there, no longer there.
Where, did she ever exist, or is my mind my own, not my own, never known.
Never really there.
She is really there. Katrinablonde free vebcam sexist.
Lost in my memories and now found in my dreams of brilliant buttercups.
Blossoms of blessed love, petals falling from my eyes.
My eyes seek and send my heart the feelings of remembrance and nostalgia, aching, necessary nostalgia, that fills me up. No membership needed cybersherlisvonmoon live chat girl.
She fills me up, and the memories are real, they are real, so real.

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