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“Oh, Alicia, I love how you do that! You’re just like a dirty boy.
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I unzipped my jacket and pulled it open to expose my bare breasts. 100 totally to contact other member dating site.
The fireplace had warmed the cabin up enough to where I took the jacket off and chucked it aside.
In the firelight, Shelly stared at my breasts and cupped one in each hand, her thumbs flicking over my nipples.

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Pulling the blankets over my shoulders, I laid down full length on top of her.
“I’m going to fuck you now, Shelly.
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Passion flowed through my veins like hot lava.

I felt our pussies meet, touch, kiss, and fall in love.
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When I slid up, her erect clit would be in my pussy.
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