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I turned and looked at the guy, and he had this kind of, “Why not?” look on his face, so I lay down next to him.
I paused, unsure whether to continue.
“Then what?” Steve said.
I told him how for, a few seconds, we lay there without moving. Viet teen solo.
In the other berth the girls were moaning and making all kinds of noises, and I could see both my dick and the other guy’s were still very hard.
Almost without thinking I put my hand on my cock, and he did the same. Nata-ts women sex cam.
And the next I knew we were touching each other’s cocks and both leaking like crazy and then we turned and touched our cocks together and I put my hand on his shouder and pulled him close and he put his hand on my ass and ground us together and next thing I knew we were moving in rhythm like we were fucking and then all four of us started to come almost simultaneously, the girls in high-pitched squeals and the other guy and I grunting and moaning.

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We hit at the same time and when I came it was just about the hardest I ever came in my life.
Jizz went everywhere and we were both covered in it.
” I paused again.
“Wow,” he said quietly.
” Then I told him how we switched back to the original couples, and went at it again, only this time I stayed with my girl and the other guy stayed with his, but what I didn’t tell Steve was that I kept thinking about the other guy and imagining his cock against mine and half wishing my girl would call “Switch!” again. Free live arbick video chat pussy xxx.
I was raging hard now and it was all I could do not to stick my had in my pants.
Steve I could tell was feeling the same.

He shifted uneasily on the sand and reached in a pocket to give his obviously hard cock room to move. Milflustbabe prno pic.
“Wow,” he said again.
” There was a long, thick silence.
Then I told him how we all woke up the next day, and despite our hangovers we fucked our girls again and then jumped in the water naked to clean up, and how hard it was for me not to look at the other guy’s body, tanned and fit as it was, and not to think about the feel of his dick against mine. Things to know about hookup a french girl pron pictures 2018.
But the guy wouldn’t even look me in the eye.

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